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HEALTH - Westralia.Net


MARIE RYAN - Working For Your Health

Marie RYAN is Westralia.Net's Health Officer. She is a veteran of many a hard public media battle against the inept WA government, which seemed intent on poisoning our babies with cyclodiene pesticides that it insisted to the community were safe to use around our pregnant citizens. This was despite these being banned or withdrawn from sale elsewhere in the industrialised world. Marie (and the rest of the world) were proved correct.

Since her battle we have seen the number of Westralian birth defects attributed to organochlorine exposure reduce significantly. The reproductive impacts of organochlorine pesticides include miscarriage, structural and functional birth defects and neo-natal deaths. Structural defects are those that are visible while functional defects include reduced IQ and mental retardation.  

Thank Naomi Segal, Marie, and other parents who fought the "Evil Empire" of the WA Health department.   Think of the babies, now many severely damaged individuals, needing constant care for the rest of their lives.     ...Totally avoidable!  

Even the EPA was officially critical of State management for removing organochlorines from farms, but leaving peoples homes to be consistently topped-up with more of the same poisons.

Meanwhile the newspapers were reporting how US scientists stated that "WA Health authorities showed a staggering lack of knowledge about the dangers of organochlorine pesticides".   

The media was also reporting that pesticide levels found in the bodies and breast milk of WA women were among the highest in the western world and even higher than underdeveloped countries. Newspapers reported that Western Australians have chemical levels so high that they would be unacceptable as meat if exported to the USA...So you can forget about how many dollars per kilo the mother-in-law or annoying neighbour will bring in.  

However the WA Health Department held firm and fought to retain the spraying which was mandatory on new houses and existing home extensions.   Yes, Marie, it certainly is hard living amongst dinosaurs, especially when they run the show.   After several months, the media reported that the WA Health Department admitted it was aware the pesticides it approved contained chemicals long considered to cause cancer and birth defects. But officials were still informing the public that residues in breast milk did not pose a threat.

Does anyone understand this evil deceit?  

 If you think these episodes are long gone, think again. The same big names in the WA Health Department are still there making decisions on your health. Were they demoted or publicly bought to justice for deceiving us? No. Some even get National awards. At Westralia.Net we believe these people are morally guilty, if not in breach of WA criminal code.

Yet the WA government treats people such as these educated imbeciles as heroes.    

 At Westralia.Net, Marie knows the truth;  

...And so should you. 

* * *

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Where did we learn such messages of irresponsibility? ...From a Real government publication of course!

If You Think a PIRATE GOVERNMENT is Bad News...
...Wait Until You Suffer At The Hands Of The REAL government !