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Health Issues were one of the driving forces in establishing Westralia.Net, mainly due to gross levels of callousness and incompetence exhibited by the WA government bureaucrats against it's own citizens.
There have been so many babies born with physical deformities and neurological damage, solely due to WA government's failure to officially recognise known chemical hazards during pregnancies.
(See our Health Officer's profile)
Far too many workers in WA have suffered slow and painful deaths due to the WA government continuing to deny blue asbestos health hazards while allowing and encouraging blue asdbestos mining and milling to operate years after the health hazards were well recognised elsewhere in the world.
WA citizens have been known to contract crippling diseases, while the WA government has actively monitored their condition, but failed to inform the victims, who suffered in ignorance. Even when requesting medical assistance for failing health, these citizens have been denied medical treatment and informed they had nothing to worry about.
We do not understand this gross negligence and breach of public duty.
We fail to comprehend the moral depravity of the WA government medical staff and bureaucrats who perpetuate and conceal these horrific deeds.
However we will fight for our Westralian citizens to rid our society of these criminals. We believe there is often breaches of the WA Criminal Code, yet the WA goverment continues to pretend it never happens.
...Tell that to the mothers and fathers who nurse their affected children 24 hours a day. Tell that to the families who attend funerals for Westralian workers killed by totally avoidable diseases. Tell that to the taxpayer who pays the disability pension to unecessarily crippled citizens.
...Listen to the WA government; " ...It never happened".
Or listen to Westralia.Net and put a stop to these insane practices now.
Don't think these stories are behind you, because they are not.
These crimes will only cease when you as citizens are educated about the facts that the WA government do not want you to know.
Why do they do it? ...We have no idea.
All we know is to say enough is enough. 
Do you care?
Maybe you should.
There is no good reason why you and your family won't be next.

HEALTH, Westralia.Net
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Where did we learn such messages of irresponsibility? ...From a Real government publication of course!

If You Think a PIRATE GOVERNMENT is Bad News...
...Wait Until You Suffer At The Hands Of The REAL government !